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Josso C# Agent

JOSSO, a SSO open source SSO system on which I've contributed with an ASP.Net client

What is JOSSO ?

JOSSO is a SSO system (Single Sign-On). It is an open source J2EE infrastructure aimed to provide a solution for centralized, platform neutral, user authentication and authorization.

JOSSO runs on various J2EE servers: Apache Tomcat, JBoss application server, WebLogic application server, Apache Geronimo, etc. The client part has been also ported on various environement such as IIS, Apache (Ruby, Python, Perl) and PHP in order to allow a large SSO system over multiple applications.

For futher information on the system, how to install it, its possibilities, please visit

ASP.Net Client

Now you have been through the Josso website, that you have installed it, have tested and approved it, you may have noticed that the proposed client for mircrosoft is in ASP. Nowadays, many applications are using the framework .Net in companies. I took the liberty to write a simple agent in .Net

To download the solution (VS 2008, framework 3.5)

JOSSO (~ 20 Ko)(format zip)

To make it run, you need to register the ActiveX JOSSO client of the version 1.8.1 of Josso. To do it, download JossoActiveX.dll and follow the instructions on the site.

Then, use the web.config file of the project Josso.Agent.Test to configure your client.